Get wet and get wild! Full power adventure Ladakh!
Price: INR 10500

Get Wet and Get Wild!We at Wet n Wild are all about creating trips to satisfy the adventure in you. This time we decided to club three full power activities into one short trip to satisfy not just your body but also your brain and enhance your experience of getting ‘Leh’d’ ! Wet n Wild […]

Cycling, Rafting and Sightseeing

A complete package for multi adventure lovers. You get to cycle through varied landscapes, raft in some of the craziest rivers and also hike at several places.

Zanskar Rafting Expedition
Price: INR 65000
Duration: 12 days
Class: Grade III and IV
Date: 2nd Aug 2019, 15th Aug 2019 and 15th Sep 2019.

Get ready to experience the Grand Canyons of Asia in all its glory, paddling through the heart of the Zanskar valley, devouring the various shades of the Ladakhi sky. The National Geographic ranks it under the top 100 adventures on planet Earth.

Tsogsti to Nimoo (5km)
Price: INR 800
Time: 1 hour
Class: Grade I
Location: Leh Ladakh

Tsogsti to Nimoo is a low difficulty level trip conducted mostly on flat water and low grade rapids. The trip is best suited for people who just want to enjoy the scenery in a fun and relaxed way and also get a feel of Zanskar. It’s more like a boating trip for families and is suitable for all kids above the age of 8 and old people as well.

Scorpoche to Nimoo (14km)
Price: INR 1200
Time: 2 hours
Class: Grade III
Location: Leh Ladakh

Rafting from Scorpoche is part of the bigger trip which starts from Chilling. It is of moderate difficulty and best for people who are either short on time or want to have adventure but not too intense. But the amount of fun and the enthralling view of the journey is unmatched.

Chilling to Nimoo (28km)
Price: INR 1600
Time: 3 to 3.5 hours
Class: Grade III
Location: Leh Ladakh

One of the most famous rafting day trips on Zanskar with high adrenaline grade 3 adventure and beautiful view of the Zanskar valley. A good long section with many class 3 rapids. If you are looking for some good adventure on the river in one day then look no further. This is it!

Brahmapuri to Laxman Jhula (6km)
Price: INR 500
Time: 1 hour
Class: Grade II
Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Shortest rafting day trip organized by us. The trip is comparatively easier and few small grade 2 rapids like Double trouble and Initiation are on the way. Best for those who are short on time but still want to have an adventurous experience on the Ganges.

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