Advanced kayaking course (Ladakh)
Price: INR 35000
Duration: 10 days
Location: Leh Ladakh

We are one of the premiere kayak schools in India where one can learn the basics of kayaking and progress towards more advanced white water techniques. All our instructors are professionals and internationally certified river guides. This course will help you progress from grade III to IV rapids. Learn also basic rescue skills.

Intermediate kayaking course (Ladakh)
Price: INR 27000
Duration: 7 days
Location: Leh Ladakh

Course to teach you kayaking to get you to the intermediate level. Progression from basic white water to intermediate white water – Grade III and Grade III+ Price includes:Equipment rental, training and some snacks and refreshments!

Basic Kayaking Course (Ladakh)
Price: INR 18000
Duration: 4 days
Location: Leh Ladakh

Learn eskimo roll, wet exit, advanced strokes and essential white water paddling techniques.

Introduction to Kayaking (Ladakh)
Price: INR 4500
Duration: 1 days
Location: Leh Ladakh

You will learn kayaking techniques like how to carry a kayak, sit in the kayak, balance and basic strokes.

Brahmaputra rafting expedition
Price: INR 88000
Duration: 13 days
Class: 3 to 4
Location: Arunanchal Pradesh
Date: 24th Nov 2019, 14th Dec 2019

This self-contained river run offers an amazing journey through tropical forests, gorges and a window into a rich culture, unlike any other.

Upper Alaknanda Rafting Expedition
Price: INR On Request
Duration: 5 days
Class: III+ - IV - V
Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

The Alaknanda River is the second major tributary of the Ganga besides the Bhagirathi. The Alaknanda River formed by the confluence of Vishnu Ganga and Dhauli Ganga at Vishnuprayag originating from the glaciers of Badrinath and Kamet. Vishnu Ganga originates from Mana pass and the Dhauli originates from Niti pass. It drains through the big […]

Basic Kayaking Course (Rishikesh)
Price: INR 14000
Duration: 4 days
Location: Rishikesh, Uttarkhand

The Introduction to Kayaking course is designed to help you learn kayaking techniques like wet exit, eskimo roll and other pre requisite skills to be able to paddle in white water. After this course you may be able to take a kayak in Grade II and III rapids. Day 1 This is the introduction and […]

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