Why Choose Wet N Wild Explorations

A tribal proverb says - "Houses are the graves of the living." So claim your life, come outside, nature is our real home.

Wet N Wild Explorations is one of the well known Outdoors and Adventure Company in India. We are a community of outdoors enthusiasts to savour some of the Best Outdoors Travel Experiences in India – Lush valleys, craggy mountains, high altitude cold deserts, winding rivers, dense forests with a smorgasbord of sensory experiences that one can only find in the outdoors and completely dedicated to meeting the needs of people wanting to travel for adventure and nature. Based out of Leh (India’s cold desert), and Rishikesh (Yoga capital of the world). Wet N Wild Explorations is the best outdoors adventure company for peoples who want to go out and want to do some outdoors activities or adventurous trips, want to learn something new or experience the nature, find great Adventures or participate in Events. Wet N Wild Explorations addresses a long felt need to cater to the aspirations of adventure and nature buffs and has thus put together adventures and expeditions for outdoors adventure travellers of all inclinations and every budget, bringing on board alliances with the peoples from the different-different parts of the countries. WWE's team consists of highly accomplished, experienced and motivated outdoors adventurer professionals who have done many whitewater rafting and kayaking expeditions in the different-different rivers in India. There is a wide range of activities as our network of Outdoors Lodges & Camps in the Himalayas enables us to support our Outdoors Trips and Activities like whitewater rafting, kayaking, trekking, climbing, hiking, cycling/biking, paragliding, wildlife, Jeep Safaris and Camping among others. These camps have over the years seen people from all walks of life and ages. Whether you are looking for a scenic float down the river or an adrenaline charged white water Rafting, Kayaking, Trekking, Climbing, Hiking, Cycling/Biking, Wildlife, Jeep Safaris and Camping among others. Wet n Wild Explorations is your best choice in India!

Our Aim

To create the best adventure experience possible, with uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service, safety and a commitment to protect and preserve the cultures and environments through which we travel.

Our Team

Tsering Chotak

Chotak owns and runs Wet N Wild. His premier rafting services are known and respected internationally, for high quality customer service and a serious approach to safety. This involves paddling down world class rapids through the lower Zanskar river gorge, before joining the mighty Indus at the confluence. He also puts multi day expeditions together, descending through the fierce beauty of the Himalayan mountains and glaciers that give birth to Ladakh’s world class rivers. Wet N Wild trips finish on the shores of the Indus river, at the beach camp in Nimmu, where Chotak also offers internationally recognised rafting.  Chotak is an IRF (International Rafting Federation) qualified raft guide and internationally respected kayaker.

Dinesh Pandey

Dinesh Pandey is one of the most well known paddlers in India. He’s known for his amazing power, skill, and knowledge. He’s a cool headed guy who doesn’t speak much but saves his energy for the right things. You’ll definitely feel comfortable having him around during any adventure activity due to his vast experience and knowledge in outdoors.

Daz Clarkson-King

Daz is 38 years old, originally from the UK. Daz is a professional white water kayaker , IRF qualified raft guide and successful author. Daz is currently writing a river guide to the rivers of Ladakh, with Wet N Wild owner Tsering Chotak. Daz is internationally recognised as a kayaker, with many first descents and world class expeditions to his name. (Daz has his own company offering bespoke trips for intrepid kayakers and river lovers who want to experience remote areas). Daz works closely with Wet and Wild, choosing this premier provider to support all of his adventures and trips in Ladakh. Daz also lives at the Wet and Wild camp, and can be spotted (rarely) safety kayaking and raft guiding. Look for a homeless santa in an expensive dry suit.

Michael Kandel

Michael, who is 24 and from Nepal, is an experienced and skilled raft guide. Michael also competes as a kayaker at an international level, travels widely and speaks several languages fluently. Michael is the senior raft guide at Wet N Wildare, and responsible for guide training and development. He also teaches in the kayak school as well as overseeing the Wet and Wild campsite on the banks of the Indus. Michael is one of the guides you will meet if you book a multi day river expedition here in Ladakh, using his skills and knowledge to paddle laden gear rafts from campsite to campsite.

Binod Gurung

Binod is 24 years old, and is also from Nepal. Binod is a senior raft guide and competition class kayaker, who lives for white water and loves his work, guiding adventurous clients through thrilling rapids. Binod is an experienced senior guide who teaches rafting to up and coming guides and is an instructor in kayak schools. He is also fluent in more than one language and is helping young guides to learn international languages and world class customer service. Binod particularly enjoys multi day expeditions, supporting clients through rafting, trekking and wilderness camping.

Bikram Gurung

Bikram is a 23 year old raft guide and kayaker who works professionslly here in Ladakh as well as his native Nepal. Bikram has several years experience raft guiding internationally and is a white water addict. Bikram is also a senior member of the expedition team, and lives and works with us at camp Wet and Wild. Bikram is an IRF qualified raft guide, and a gifted freestyle kayaker. Bikram is a member of the kayak school teaching team.

Roshan Lama

22 is an experienced kayaker and raft guide, also hailing from Nepal. Roshan is a kayak instructor and is building a reputation in the rafting world as a skilled and dedicated guide. Roshan often leads river adventures for up to 6 rafts at a time, and is a water safety instructor. Roshan mentors trainee guides both on the water and with camp craft.

Prakash Bhandari

18 years old, Prakash is training to be a raft guide with our world class team. Prakash helps to maintain Wet and Wild’s white water safety equipment, and is learning customer care. Prakash is proud to have trained at Wet & Wild, and is now guiding rafts professionally for us.

Michael Hatton

Michael is 25 years old, and is an experienced kayaker from the UK. He has kayaking and rafting experience all over the world, and travels purely for the chance to kayak amazing rivers. He has joined the team this season as a safety kayaker and raft guide, in Ladakh and Rishikesh. Michael has been visiting the Himalayas for several years now, moving from customer to river guide himself. He is enjoying living and working in the Zanskar area, making time to run the incredible class 3 and 4+ rivers that are now on his doorstep.

Andrea Clarkson-King

Andrea, 45 years old, is the camp manager at Indus Beach Resort. She has many years of experience with rafting, camping and expeditions, even more with teaching and leading teams. Andrea also volunteers with L.A.W.S (Ladakhi Animal Welfare Society) and other local welfare projects that advocate for Ladakhi culture. Andrea is also Daz’s wife.

Thinles Thamchos

Thinles is a native Ladakhi from Nimmu village, where our resort is situated. Thinles sometimes drives the rafting vehicles and regularly supports the team in camp. He is studying English and other international languages and is a very interesting person to talk to about local culture and people.

Lundup Gyalop

Lundup Gyalpo, 28, is one of Shreekant’s trainee’s and helps in the kitchen from sunrise to sunset. He is a valued member of the catering team, and works hard behind the scenes to help keep the camp running. Lundup is a native Ladakhi, and represents an important link to the local community. He can be seen helping as a waiter in the restaurant, and loves to practice his English with customers.

Shreekant Sharma

Shreekant is 56 years old and lives with his family in Nepal. He has been a chef for over 18 years, and spends the summer season cooking for Wet and Wild. Shreekant is the heart of our camp at Wet and Wild. He doesn’t just cook, he cares about food and his customers and staff. He tailors menu’s to fit specific needs, and keeps his menu’s varied and interesting. Shreekant puts as much thought and effort into cooking hot meals for small groups as for 70+ people. To top that, Shreekant cooks restaurant quality meals by the riverside on multiday expeditions.