About us
A diverse bunch of professional adrenaline junkies.

The Team

Our team strives to create the best adventure experience, with uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service, safety and a commitment to protect and preserve the environment through which we travel.

Every member of Wet N Wild Explorations is well trained to subtly balance safety and fun, giving our customers the opportunity to go on great adventures with confidence.

Tsering Chotak

Tsering Chotak owns and runs the company ‘’Wet n Wild Explorations’’. He is 33 and he had been committed himself to the life of adventure since he was 15. Tsering Chotak has over 18 years of experience in safety kayaking in different Himalayan rivers, trekking and some other adventure activities. He has also represented India in 2011, World Freestyle Kayaking Championship in Platling, Germany. An experienced trekking guide and raft guide with class V+ Rivers all across Northern India and Nepal. His premier services are known and respected internationally for high quality customer service and serious approach to safety. He puts multi days expedition together, descending through fierce beauty of the Himalayas mountain and glaciers that give birth to the Ladakh’s world class rivers. Chotak is an IRF(International Rafting Ferdration) qualified raft guide cum instructor and well known kayaker in Kayaking industry in India.

Nawang Zangpo

Nawang Zangpo is the manager of the company who is responsible for controlling and administrating the organisation or the staffs. He is 27 and he had been working with the company since 6 years. He knows how to run or manage a company and how bring out the best in employees. Being a manager he is a honest, generous and smart enough with the time and energy.

Manish Dhakar

Manish is 27 years old. He is one of the experience guide of Wet n Wild explorations. He had been working with the company since 7 years. He is committed to company’s loyalty and trust. Manish is registered under IRF(International Rafting Fedration).

Stanzin Tanfan

Stanzin is an experience and skilled raft guide, qualified under IRF(International Rafting Federation). He is 29 and he had been doing rafting since he was 17. Stanzin is a senior guide at Wet n Wild explorations who is even responsible for guides training and company’s goodwill. He even teaches in Kayak school moreover he manage the campsites of Wet n Wild explorations. Stanzin also competes as a kayaker at an international level, travels widely and speaks several languages fluently.

Shivam Gurung

River guides are those who provide safe passage through the water rapids and makes everyone laugh , Shivam is one of our funniest and experience guide, qualified under IRF(International Rafting Fedration). He is 21 year old, he has started doing rafting since he was 14.

Namgail Phuntsog

Namgail Phuntsog is 24 year old and he is native of Ladakh. Namgail is an experience driver and he also worked as a mechanic for 3 years. He is responsible moving the rafts and assists the guide in every possible way. He is very supportive and dedicated to work.

Veeru Bhandari

Beru is 29 year old. He is the most respectable and senior guide at the campsites, qualified under IRF(International Rafting Federation). He is a lead kayak and raft guide, he has great knowledge and humour to share with the guest. It’s been 5 years that he is spending his summer guiding here at wet n wild explorations campsite.