White Water Kayaking
Beginner Course

Beginner Courses

Half Day

Duration – 3 hours
Price – Rs 1500/-


This is an introductory course for beginners who are completely new to kayaking and want to learn basic kayaking. In a half day session students will be apprised of the following skills.

Full Day

Duration – 6 hours
Price – Rs 3500/-


The full day beginner’s course is aimed at those who are completely new to kayaking and those who have some previous experience but want to start fresh. It’s a 6 hour course which introduces you to the basic nuances of kayaking in both flat water and simple white water. The following skills will be acquired in the course.


Duration – 6 hours/day
Price – Rs 7000/-


Basic 2 day kayaking course starts from the basics of kayaking and moves on to advanced techniques used in paddling the fast moving river current. Skills acquired in this course are important in progressing towards more advanced white water paddling.


Duration – 6 hours/day
Price – Rs 14000/


Our 4 day course in kayaking is one of our most sought after programs. It starts with a simple introduction to paddling and moves onto advanced white water skills with lot of focus in developing the basic skills.

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