Ducky Trips
A Ducky gives more control to the individual than a raft.

About the activity

As an alternative for rafting, we offer a more adventurous way of enjoying the river, the ducky, an inflatable kayak (something in between raft and kayak) that offers more excitement and more individual control over the craft than the usual big raft. You don't need kayaking experience to go on a ducky trip; you only need some enthusiasm and desire for adventure.

If you want to experience something similar to kayaking without wanting to go through the technical part of it, ducky is the thing to try.

Ducky is ideal for family trips, since 2 or 3 people can fit in one ducky. Along with the ducky we send guides and safety kayakers that would take care of the passengers in case the boat flips in the river. Also, we offer technical equipment [wet suit, shoes, PDF (personal floating device), helmet], safety instructions, transportation from and to Leh and hot lunch in our camp in Nimoo.

Ducky Day Trips
Moderate 18km II - III
Phey to Nimmoo
A fun trip through the Indus River
Intense 26km IV
Chilling to Nimoo Ducky
Navigate through 4 big rapids and spend good amount of time on the river.
Moderate 18km III or IV
Scorpochay to Nimoo Ducky
A thrilling medium length trip on the Zanskar River
Ducky Multi Day Trips
Moderate 2 days II - III
Two day ducky trip on Indus river
(from Karu to Nimoo
Difficult 2 days IV
Two day ducky trip on Zanskar River
from Niraq to Nimoo