Two day ducky trip on Indus river
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This trip is best suited for people who are new to water sports. The first is very easy so you get warmed up. The next day is full of fun rapids. By the end of it, Indus will leave you totally thrilled!



Day1(4-5 hours)
Karu to Phey - An easy ride with lunch on the shore.
We will have amazing views of Thicksey and Stakna monasteries and the moon scenery of the desert mountains. We will be carrying all we need with us and we will be camping on the shore of Indus, with a bonfire that would warm up the evening after a day on the river.
Day 2(3-4 hours)
Phey to Nimmoo
This section has class II-III rapids, just enough to get the thrill of white water kayaking. The river goes through a beautiful isolated canyon and the river is smooth enough despite the big waves. We will have lunch at Wet n wild camp in Nimoo, get changed in dry clothes and then drive back to Leh.''

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