Policies and Procedures
Boring to read but important.


White water rafting, kayaking, all white water sports, motor biking, mountain biking, trekking (both on foot and on ponies) and wilderness camping are all classed as adventure sports. As such there are inherent dangers to participants that are not possible to completely eliminate. This includes use of motor vehicles. We seek to minimise all risks with effective risk assessment, high standards of training and well maintained good quality equipment. However, adventure sport participation requires an assumption of risk by yourself. Furthermore, it is part of your responsibility as a guest of Wet n Wild for ANY adventure sport that you,

Disclaimer of Assumption of Risk Waiver.

All participants in adventure sport activities will be required to sign a disclaimer. This form explains the inherent risks in the activity and you accept those risks. All participants must sign this form for their individual activity or expedition, with no exceptions (friends or relatives cannot sign on your behalf). Children and young adults under the age of 18 must have an accompanying adult or family member sign for them. This means that you accept responsibility on behalf of the minor.

Age Restrictions and Group Numbers

We have strict age limits for each activity based on international guidelines and standards. Please don’t ask us to make exceptions for young people as we have to abide by these rules and regulations, and they are of course for your safety. We cannot make exceptions as this would invalidate our insurance. There is no upper age limit for any adventure sport, but please let us know if you have any pre-existing health conditions that might affect performance or safety, in particular heart problems. Many of our activities take place at altitude which can have a detrimental effect to stamina and put stress on the body. We recommend that older guests check with their doctors before undertaking strenuous and demanding activities, but we will not refuse entry to a trip based on age above 18 years.

The same restrictions apply to minimum and maximum numbers for some activities. Again, we abide by strict international guidelines and standards, and cannot take more or less people in rafts or vehicles etc.

Abulity and Fitness

Please be aware that a reasonable level of physical fitness is indicated for all of these activities, with the possible exception of jeep safari’s. For rafting, you must be able to walk on uneven surfaces at the put in and take out of the trip, as well as on rocky or slippery ground if we need to get off of the water and portage around a dangerous section of the river. In the unlikely event that you are out of the craft and in the water, you will be using your personal floatation device/life vest, so actual swimming skills are not essential, but you must be able to make your way through the water back to the raft in order for the guide to help you back inside. It is important to be mentally prepared as well for adrenaline fuelled adventure and unexpected immersion.

Guides and Instruction

It is essential that you fully entrust your safety to your qualified and experienced guides. Please listen carefully to instructions and follow them to the letter; your safety and the safety of the rest of the group depend on it. If you have been given safety equipment and/or clothing for your activity it is 100% essential to use it as instructed and at all times. Failure to do so can result in your removal from the activity to maintain safety for the other participants. If you have not understood or are uncertain of the safety information or equipment it is YOUR responsibility to ask to hear it again. Our guides are from several different countries, as are our participants, and language barriers can exist. We are more than happy to repeat or show you something again, as many times as it takes, so please don’t be shy. If you are uncertain in a large group please ask the guide after a group safety briefing has finished, and we will very happily explain fully until you are satisfied that you know how to use the equipment and what to do if there is an emergency.

Personal belongings

We do not accept responsibility for damage to or loss of your personal belongings. Please don’t bring non essential personal belongings on your trip, especially electrical items if you are going to be on the water. You can make arrangements to safely store these items in your hotel or guest house, or some private taxi drivers will take care of your clothes and bags.

Equal Opportunities

Wet n Wild operate a strict anti discriminatory policy in all aspects of our operation, and equality is important to us. We will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, ability, sexuality, gender or age. Racist, sexist, ageist or disablist behaviour or speech will not be tolerated and doing so could result in your removal from the trip.

Deposit and Cancellations.

We ask for a 50% deposit of the full cost of your trip. The balance must be paid in full up to 15 days before your trip starts. This deposit is non refundable if you need to cancel one month or less before the scheduled trip departure. It is important that you arrive in time for the trip, as we cannot delay departure for late arrivals. There will not be any refunds for late arrivals or no shows. We reserve the right to refuse any person on a trip who the guide deems unsuitable for the activity. This can be due to consumption of intoxicants, failing to listen to guides or attend safety protocol briefings or ANY form of discriminatory behaviour. This will be at the guides discretion and is for safety. No refund will be offered to any member of a group who is refused entry to the trip.

Alcohol and Intoxicants

Due to the inherent dangers of adventure sports it is not acceptable for guests to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including some prescription drugs. If you are taking strong prescription drugs please check with us or your booking agent when you book your trip. It may be possible for you to take some medications later in the day if they would impair you responses or ability to function fully on the trip. Please consult a medical professional for guidance on this. If you wish to enjoy an alcoholic drink on your day excursion, please wait until after the trip. If you are on a multi day trip, please do bring alcohol with you for the evenings if you like a drink at the end of the day, but be aware that we often start early each day for the next activity and you will need to be fit, well and ready to continue. It is not possible to bring glass bottles on rafts, due to the danger of puncturing dry bags or the raft itself, so decant any alcohol you are bringing into airtight plastic containers and we will stow them for you on the gear raft.

Use of Wet N Wild Equipment

By signing the waiver/disclaimer form, you are accepting full responsibility for any equipment that is being loaned to you. Please return all safety clothing and kit in the same condition that it was in when you received it. We reserve the right to ask for replacements or the cost of replacements for lost or badly damaged equipment. When hiring expensive items e.g. kayaks, mountain bikes, motor bikes, we may ask for a deposit before you take them away. Lost or damaged items like these will need to be replaced like for like.