Zanskar Rafting Expeditions
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Trip Highlights

  • Rafting on the roof of the world
  • 150+ kilometers of rafting
  • We will be exploring places inaccessible by road
  • Lunch next to river side waterfalls
  • Camping in wilderness
The world's paddling community considers Zanskar Rafting Expedition to be one of the finest multi-day river trips in the world. The self contained white water expedition goes through vast panoramas, spectacular gorges, secluded villages and intoxicating white water. The Zanskar Rafting Expedition is one of the most sought after expeditions among adventure enthusiasts due to the remote gorges it goes through, beautiful inaccessible camp sites by the river and exhilarating rapids on all days.


$900 / head


Day 1
Fly to Leh
We will welcome you at Leh Airport, transfer you to the hotel and help you with all the information so you can acclimatize at an altitude of 3500 m in the city of Leh. You could take it easy on yourself, drink a lot of water and enjoy the old part of Leh, some museums and the local architechture with modern touches. Leh still has the feeling of a village so you could find quiet spots to enjoy the scenery, the calmness of Ladakhi people and the amazing energy of the mountains.
Day 2
Leh to Kargil (7 hrs drive)
We will start driving in the morning towards Kargil, in confortable private taxis. The road (Leh-Srinagar highway) goes through spectacular views and dramatic change of landscape. We will stop for lunch at Lamayuru monastery, one of the most beautiful in Ladakh, where you could visit one of the caves where Milarepa (famous buddhist peot and enlighted being) meditated. The route passes through Fotu La pass at 14000 ft. Overnight accommodation will be in Kargil, a city where you could experience a slighly small difference in the culture, since the muslim population is predominating.
Day 3
Kargil to Rangdum (6-7 hrs drive)
After breakfast, we will continue the journey till Rangdum. You will be entering Zanskar valley, that will wait for you with some of the most gorgeous scenery in the Himalayan range. You could see the highest peaks in Ladakh, Nun and Kun mountains and other glacial peaks. We will enjoy our packed lunch on the way. The place is isolated and full of wild flowers and animals. We will be camping overnight in Rangdum.
Day 4
Rangdum to Remala (6-7 hrs)
Last day of driving before getting into the river.The route goes through Pensi La Pass and enters the magnificent Zanskar Valley with 6000m peaks all around the region. You will catch a view of the glacier Darang Durung on the way. We will camp overnight in Remala alongside the river Doda.
Day 5
Remala to Karsha (3-4 hrs rafting)
We will finally start our trip on the river early morning, to enjoy the morning energy. You will receive neopren wet suits, PFD (personal floating device), helmet, safety instructions and everything needed for a safe and enjoyable journey. In between calm currents, expect some grade 2 rapids filled with lots of adventure. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the gorge before we stop for a break to have lunch on the shore of the river. We will visit the famous monastery of Karsha and camp overnight in the village.
Day 6
Karsha to Zangla (4 hrs rafting)
Another day of soft rafting on grade 3 section. The river flows through the beautiful valley laced with multicolored mountains all around. The isolated place atracts you to a meditative state of mind. We will reach Zangla around afternoon for lunch and overnight camping. You will enjoy the perfect silence of the small village of Zangla.
Day 7
Zangla to Niraq (4-5 hrs rafting)
There will be an early start of the trip as we enter the grand canyon of Zanskar. Expect some grade 4 rafting filled with lots of rapids and lots of adrenaline. You will enjoy the breathtaking view of the gorge before we have lunch on the shore. There will be 5 hours of rafting before we reach Niraq village for overnight stay. This is the most famous camping site in the entire gorge.
Day 8
Niraq to Chilling (3-4 hrs rafting)
Another adrenaline pumping day with grade 4 rapids section of the river. The river gets narrower until it enters a steep 18ft wide gap called the Gate rapid. We will have lunch at one of the most beautiful waterfall on the route and then the valley passes through spectacularly colored mountain formations all around. The overnight camp will be in Chilling.
Day 9
Chilling to Nimoo (3-4 hrs rafting)
This is the last day on the river. It is a classic day for whitewater rafting with continuous grade 3 and 4 long rapids. Enjoy the beauty of Zanskar river until we reach the confluence with the Indus river. We continue the journey till Wet n Wild Exploration camp, you could rest a bit, have a snack, change into dry clothes. From there you will be dropped back to Leh, where you will get time to process the expedition with all the emotions, beautiful memories and new friends and changes that brought in you.
Day 10
Fly back to Delhi, hopefully with a big smile and lots of memories to cherish or, if you want to extend your stay in Ladakh, we could help you organize your tour (trekking, sightseeing, cultural tour).

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