White water kayaking course

Kayaking is not a common sport among Ladakhi people, even though they spend most of their lives on the shore of Indus and Zanskar rivers, so we tried to raise the interest of local people for kayaking by organizing a free workshop for two days.

The course was designed so people could get a taste of kayaking and further on decide if they want to continue exploring it. Because there are very few female kayakers in India, we were hoping to get the interest of girls in this workshop. Only two local girls have joined, but they showed strength and motivation.

On 6th and 7th July 12 people, most of which were for the first time on the river, joined the workshop under the guidance of 4 experienced guides. They started by learning the basics, how to handle the kayak and how to paddle in a proper way.
After some practice on calm waters, they had to paddle in stronger currents, down the Indus. Some had made it, some had swam, but they all kept their smile and good attitude. The day continued with a first aid course, so everybody would know how to handle a basic medical situation in case it appears.

The next day, the students had to paddle down Zanskar river all the way from Tsogsti to Sangam, where they've got introduced to the Eskimo roll, a self rescue technique that usually makes people decide if they want to continue with this sport or not. They all did great for their second day on the water, nobody gave up and most importantly, they all kept on smiling and having fun.

We'll keep on promoting kayaking among local people by organizing this kind of workshop for free (only food and accommodation have to be covered), hoping that more and more people will take the courage and patience to advance in learning this amazing sport that connects you to nature in an unique way.

The next workshop will happen on 20-21 July 2019, at Wet n Wild Explorations camp (in Nimoo). If you want to join us, visit our office in Leh (Wet n Wild Exploration on Chanspa Road, near Moravian Mission School) or send us an email on chotak@wetnwildexplorations.com, give us a call at +919622967631 (Chotak). Please make sure you will register in advance, since the places are limited (maximum 15). You will provide you will all the technical equipment and assistance. We are excited to introduce you to this amazing sport, kayaking.