White Water Kayaking
Feel alive by being one with water.

About the activity

White Water Kayaking is an extreme sport for adrenaline junkies.

To a beginner, it may seem impossible to navigate through the raging rapids. But with thoughtful learning and practice from good instructors, it is possible to be comfortable navigating these waters.

Kayaking skills will take you to places you never imagined before. So come learn with us.

Rishikesh & Ladakh 4 days
White Water Kayaking - Beginner
1 to 4 day sessions to introduce complete beginners to the sport.
Rishikesh & Ladakh 7 days
White Water Kayaking - Intermediate
A 7 day course to advance your white water skills and run challenging rivers.
Rishikesh & Ladakh 10 days
White Water Kayaking - Advanced
Learn advanced white water techniques and take your skills to the next level.