White Water Rafting
Lots of Team Work, Adrenaline, Splash, Scream & Surf!

About the activity

White Water Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity where an inflatable raft is used to navigate a river. This is often done on fast moving white water so there is need for proficient team work and risk management.

A guide experienced on the river and well trained in white water rescue will accompany you on the trip to ensure you have an adrenaline filled experience with no compromise on safety.

See below our White Water Rafting Day Trips and Expeditions.

Day Trips
Zanskar River
Easy 1 hour Grade 1
Tsogsti to Nimmoo
An hour long boat trip on the Zanskar with easy rapids suitable for children and senior citizens who like to take it easy.
Rs. 900 / head
Lunch & Transport (Optional)
Rs. 200 each / head
Moderate 2 hours Grade 3+
Scorpoche to Nimmoo
This stretch has rapids of moderate level. It is especially good for the beginners who want to get a taste of white water rafting.
Rs. 1800 / head
Lunch & Transport (Optional)
Rs. 200 each / head
Intense 3 hours Grade 4+
Chilling to Nimmoo
A 3 hour stretch with plenty of thrilling rapids. This is for the hardcore adventure seekers.
Rs. 2400 / head
Lunch & Transport (Optional)
Rs. 200 each / head
Indus River
Moderate 3 hours Grade 3+
Phey to Sangam
A 3 hour long stretch with great rapids on the Indus River. The water here is warmer than Zanskar.
Rs. 2400 / head
Lunch & Transport (Optional)
Rs. 200 each / head
Easy 2.5 hours Grade 2+
Kharu to Choglamsar
A calm and relaxed trip on the Indus River with stunning views of monastries.
Rs. 21,500 / raft
Lunch & Transport (Optional)
Rs. 200 each / head
*One raft accommodates 8 people.
Moderate 9 days Grade 4 Ladakh
Zanskar Rafting Expeditions
The most sought after self contained multi day Rafting Expedition in the upper HimalayanLadakh Region. Experience rapids and views like no where else in the world.
Moderate 12 days Grade 4 Arunachal Pradesh
Kameng Rafting Expedition
This expedition in North East India goes through thrilling white water surrounded by lush rainforests.
Moderate 13 days Grade 4 Arunachal Pradesh
Brahmaputra Rafting Expedition
This self-contained river run offers an amazing journey through tropical forests, gorges and a window into the rich culture of Arunachal Pradesh.
Moderate 8 days Grade 4 Uttarakhand
Kali Sarda Rafting Expedition
This is a rafting expedition on lower section of Kali river, which flows at the border between India and Nepal.